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About Us

Spoke Folks is dedicated for sourcing premium bike accessories and apparels from across the globe and also within India.

Ibera and Smart are world-class brands, widely accepted in America & Europe and now available for our riders in India. Brevet Rider is a registered brand of Spoke Folks Corporation and our products are also sold on well known online channels such as Wizbiker, Cyclop and Amazon.


Be a leading bicycle goods supplier with world-class and premium accessories and apparels in India.

Be highly successful, efficient, competitive and robust in our defined  market platform.


The passion for Cycling is at the core of our business. 

Our primary motive is setting and achieving targets and moving beyond our limits in life, business and technology, enabling people to achieve their highest goals in cycling sports and improve their well-being.


Spoke Folks will be responsible, accountable, respectful, effective and efficient organization with utmost business ethics.

We promote honesty, integrity and openness in all our activities we do, encourage innovations and foster an environment of collaboration.

My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be.

– Wayne Dyer

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